5+ Best ad-blocker for android

If you are familiar with “How a website works” to give you a source of income. Then you must know about the advertisement on the websites. These are the pop-ups that you must have come across while accessing a website. Because of these pop-ups, the admin of the website provides their services to their users for free, because if there are no ads, then the website can’t earn any money, as most of you know almost all the websites generate their revenue with the help of websites.

Now here comes Android, there are many apps available for free on Playstore because there are ads in the app itself and those apps generate their revenue from those adds, but these ads sometimes gives a headache to the users because they are on those places where they are not tolerated. So in this article, I will tell you about the Best ad-blocker available for Android.

How ad-blockers Work

There are many ad-blockers out there, but the main thing is, how these ad-blocker works. Ad-blocker is the application that removes advertising content of a website. While a webpage is loading these applications looks for the scripts and compare them with the list of sites that allows the advertisements to pop-up and if it finds any, the ad-blocker will block them.

Best ad-blocker Applications

In this list of best Ad-blocker applications, there are many applications which are not available on the play store, but those are working flawlessly, even today. So I try to give all the possible links of those applications in this article and some of them are available on the play store and I gave their link as well. This list is made with my opinion on the Best ad-blocker for android and it may vary with your opinion.

(1.) Free Ad-blocker Browser

If you are looking for the best ad-blocker application for your android device “Free Ad-blocker browser” is the best available option out there in my opinion. This app works as the name suggests. This application will block all the advertisements on the web pages you visit on your mobile browser. It will also stop the pop-up ads on the apps you are using on your device. Whether this app is available for every Android device and you can download this application from the given link above.

(2.) Ad-block Plus

Ad-block Plus is the second application in my list. But this does not mean that this application is less than the previous application in doing its work. This application is not available on the Google play store at the moment of publishing this article. So it does not mean that it can’t do its work of blocking the ads on the website, you are visiting. The app is not licensed with the Google Play and Google will not let you use this app, but if you stop the Google play protect on your device, you can use this app without any hiccups.

(3.) Ad Guard

Ad Guard is one of the best ad-blocker applications out there. There are many ad-blockers which are not doing the desired work according to the users. But this is not the case with this app. This app according to the users who are currently using this app regularly is the best ad-blocker application. This app is not available on the Google Play store, but this does not mean that it might not do the desired work as it is not licensed. This app can block all the pop-up ads which bother you more than anything while accessing websites.

(4.) Adway-Root Only

Ad-way is the application for the rooted users out there. If your device is rooted and you want to use the superuser privileges which are available to you after rooting your device. Ad-blocking is one of the things you can do after rooting your device. and a rooted user can block these ads for the life as you have the superuser privileges. Superuser privileges are the same as the administrator in the Windows operating system. Therefore you can use your device according to your choices. This app blocks all the host files that are enabling the websites to pop-up ads on your device. This app is available on the Google play store and you can be sure that this app will not let you down about the ad-blocking feature of this website.

(5.) TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector, the application does not do the usual ad-blocking on your device. Instead of it, this app only does the detecting of the ads on a webpage and tells you about the ads on this webpage or in any application. The name of this application tells the whole working of the app. The app is available on the Google play store and the main work of this application is to tell you about the ads that will pop-up on the webpage, you are going to access. Then it is up to you that you want to access that website.

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(6.) Block This

Block This, is the application which is not available on the Google Play store at the time of publishing of this article. This app is available on the Google Play store, but due to some scenarios this app got banned from the Google play store and but this app is still available to download on your Android device and this app does its work without any flaw in its working. This app will block all the web pages that are trying to pop-up ads on your browser window.


These applications are the best according to me and I try to include all the necessary links that will help you to download the applications listed above. These applications will help you to get rid off the annoying ads on the websites you are trying to visit and the apps also which are trying to display ads on your android screen. Some of these applications are not available on Google Play. But those applications are sstill doingthe work they are intended to do. So feel free to try those applications and express your experiences in the comments down below.

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