5 Best Alternative Websites Like Gomovies

Streaming sites like Netflix are getting bigger and bigger and many companies came forward to offer free movies and TV shows online. One of the popular sites Gomovies.to shut down due to copyright infringement. No one can stop the Government & copyright law to shut down the sites. However, we are going to list down Gomovies. To alternatives.

1. FMovies

FMovies is a movie library portal that offers wide-range of a collection of films. The users can watch movies online, the library consists of Hollywood, and the English language based movies. I have been watching movies from movies for a long time, and the collection does not fail to impress me. The library has TV Shows, Hollywood movies, English language movies, and more.

In case, if you are looking for Anime, Anime movies, Cartoon, Cartoon movies, then you will have a huge collection of it in the site. The site management decided to use pop-advertisements as monetization, so you have to work around with the ads. The irritating pop-up ads appear here and there, once in a while, so bear with it.

The domain extension changes from periodically, so you have to Google in case, the below link does not work anymore. The site management changed the domain name extension several times in the past. Apart from it, there are no flaws in the site, and your broadband must feed 720P playable bandwidth.

2. Kiss Anime & Kiss Cartoon

The name of the domains may give an alternative idea, but they are purely based on Anime movies and Cartoon movies sites. Yes, Kiss Anime and Cartoon offers TV shows such as Naruto Shippuden, Fate-series, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, and more. However, the site management also adds movies related to the Anime and Cartoon after the official release.


The site protected by CDN Cloudflare, so you can’t use mini browsers such as Opera Mini Browser and others. I consider these sites as freemium because you have options to choose from Rapidvideo, Beta, Alpha, and other servers. Interestingly, the site offers 360P, 480P, 720P, and 1080P resolutions to select from it.

Yes, Kiss-project survives on the pop-advertisements and the services disables automatically, if the site detects ad blockers. The management has heard the voices, and you can download the movies from the portal if you create an account.

The domain extension changes due to Governments Telecom Department copyright strikes. KissAnime and KissCartoon show up on the search engine on the first page, so search for the latest URL now and For more alternatives of kissanime you can visit here.

3. iOS movies

iOS Movies is a movie library that offers Hollywood movies primarily. The library has various categories such as comedy, action, fantasy, and another genre. Fortunately, the list consists of popular movies that include Hollywood based Animated movies such as Hulk, Spiderman, Incredibles, and more.

ios movies

The site founders selected traditional advertisements and pop-up ads as monetization, so there will be many pop-up ads. It was quite annoying to have too many pop-ups, but the majority of them works smoothly.

Unfortunately, the site managers do not add other language movies such as Asian, Japanese, and others. The portal focus on the USA released movies and popular movies that made it big worldwide. International films such as Incredibles, The Nun, and Avengers type of movies listed on the portal as well.

One of the common problems the users experience broken links, but the management added multiple links of Streaming and OpenLoad to ensure that you are not struggling. One click can change the stream link and reloads with the content. Make sure that your broadband supports 720P resolution stream without any buffering.

4. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is a popular site that mainly focuses on international released movies. Yes, you can find newly released movies in CAM format without any issues. Of course, the collection allows users to explore old movies in good quality as well.


You can select from different genres such as Comedy, Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Biography, and more. One of the things that I have liked about Movie Watcher that it offers yearly filter so that you can watch movies based on released year.

The site mainly has English movies that shot and released in USA, UK, Australia, etc. In case, if you are looking for Nigerian movies, Hindi movies, or Japanese movies, then this is the right spot for you.

Coming to the movie format and quality, the newly released films do not come in high-quality formats such as DVD or Bluray. I would not say the same thing about the old films and available in DVDS formats.

Fortunately, the site founders listed Cartoon based Animated series and movies as well like Justice League War (2014 film). Most of the movies uploaded on different servers such as Vidzi, ToCloud, and more. You can select any server to watch the film, and it also minimizes the risk of the broken link as well.

5. Look Movie

The most popular site in the list right now is Look Movie site. LM has more than five million hits per month because it offers HD/1080P resolution movies, no advertisements and no registrations. In a short time, it reached greater heights without any doubt.


The filter feature allows the users to find a forgotten title movie with Year, Genre, Ratings, and new/old. Interestingly, the results are pretty accurate, and it does not let you go out of the site. One of the strongest points of the Look Movie is that there is no advertisements skit in here.

Another impressive point is that the users can select from 360P to 1080P resolution to match the broadband speed. Another feature that I loved that you can enable & disable the captions/subtitles. Sometimes the player asks you to complete a Google reCaptcha to confirm, whether you are a robot or not. I have watched the movie The Nun (2018 film), and the quality is extremely good.

Overall, I am impressed by Look Movie.

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I have suggested some of the Gomovies. To alternatives, so you can enjoy free movies with zero cost. Let us know what do you think about the Gomovies. To alternatives in the comment section below.

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