7 Cool Movie Sites which you must visit

Earlier people used to depend on cinema halls to watch new movies and then on the television broadcasters to watch exciting new movies. But nowadays with the increase in the number of cool movies sites a person can easily watch his/her favorite movies.

These cool movies sites generally contain both new movies and old classic ones. Some sites even allow you to watch your selected movies in HD quality while some sites stream 4K quality video so that you can have a high-quality viewing experience.

Nowadays you will find numerous sites, so it is really difficult to select the best alternatives so in this article we are going to show you the top movie sites.

Cool Movies Sites


Movie4star is a free movie streaming sites which has a straightforward interface and various options which will help you to stream new movies in HD quality video. This site also contains TV series of different genres such as Action, Adventure, Crime, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, etc.

Another great feature of this movie streaming site is that this site provides English-dubbed versions of regional or other country’s movies. If you use this website, you will be able to watch different types of documentaries. This site frequently updates its server so you can expect to find new movies.

So if you want to download top quality movies and TV series, you must try out Movie4star, and as it is free, you will be able to easily access this website.


Retrovision is another free movie downloading site which has a collection of old and new movies along with various TV series. It is really easy to search for a movie on this website as it has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

This website has dedicated app as well which you download on your mobile to enjoy all the cool contents that this site possesses. It has genres-specific menus so that you can easily search for your movie by searching under specific genres.

The website is divided into various genes which are categories like Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, and Westerns. Retrovision has another fantastic feature which is the newsletter through which you get updated whenever new content is added to this site.


Crackle is a very famous movie watching website which has a huge collection of movies. This site is owned by Sony which the main point behind its huge collection of movies. Although it is a free site still you have to sign up with the help of a valid user ID and password in order to use its services.

Apart from different categories of movies this site also contains various TV shows and series which you generally don’t find for free on other websites. The only negative point that you face in this website is that this site shows a lot of ads and commercials.

Another advantage of this site is that Crackle contains a mobile app which enables you to access all the movies and TV series in HD quality directly from your mobile. Sometimes certain contents on Crackle can be blocked in some countries due to Geo-restriction issues, but you don’t need to worry as you can access all the blocked contents with the help of a proper VPN by merely changing the IP Address.

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The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a comparatively new movie streaming website which you can access even if you don’t have Roku hardware on your streaming device. This online site contains various categories of movies from old classics to new ones.

Some of the famous movies that this cool movie site streams are The Matrix Trilogy, Last Knights, popular TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Gravity, Forensic Files, etc. All the movies and TV series on this website are arranged into separate categories which will help you to search your preferred movie.

You can directly start watching movies by only signing up into the website. This site is frequently updated so you can expect to find new movies on The Roku Channel. The only negative point that you can associate with this site is that this site is only available in the USA although you can also access this site from the outside USA with the help of a good quality VPN.


The main taking feature of this site is its big search bar in the middle of the screen which is almost similar to that of Google. So if you know the name of the movie that you want to watch you can easily type the name within the search bar. But if you don’t know the name, you can visit its video library and search for your favourite movie under a specific genre. You can also explore different movies by searching with a particular actor’s name. This website is also known as 123Gostream TV.

Apart from watching the movie, you can gather some additional information about the movie such as the official trailer, a description, actors’ list, IMDB rating, and release year, etc. Another appreciating feature of this cool movie site is that Gostream.is movies have several servers to choose from so if one server is overloaded you can select the next one in order to enjoy the movie without facing any buffering. This site generally streams all the movies either in HD or UHD video quality.

Usually, you don’t need to sign up on this website to watch your favourite movies, but if you want to add movies to favourite or comment on them, you will have to sign up.


Popcornflix is a reliable website to watch online movies as this website contains an extensive movie library of more than 1500 movies. Horror, Drama, Comedy, Romance, and Action genres of movies are mainly present on this site although you will find movies from various other genres as well.

Popcornflix has a mobile app also which will help you to watch your favourite movies directly on your android devices. The only drawback of this site is that Popcornflix is only available in USA and Canada, but soon this website will start its services in other countries as well. But you can still watch all its movies with the help of a VPN if you are not from USA or Canada.

One of the essential points regarding Popcornflix is that this website depends on the Google Ads network for its income, so it is totally free of pop-ups and redirecting advertisements.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a fantastic movie streaming site which has an extensive library of more than 5000 movies. This cool movie site has high-quality movie content as Tubi TV has a partnership with numerous big content providers such as Paramount Pictures, and MGM Studios, etc.

Tubi TV mainly contains movie contents like popular Hollywood movies, cartoons, documentaries, Hindi films, and this site even includes various movies in foreign languages. Another appreciating feature of Tubi TV is that it has a straightforward and user-friendly interface so you will be able to manage this site even if you are using this site for the first time.

You can easily search for your movies by going through the genre and sub-genres like New Arrivals, Features, Most Popular, etc. Apart from watching a particular movie, you can also collect valuable information about the movies like plot, release date, actor cast, duration, and rating.

The only negative point of this site is that Tubi TV is only available in the USA, but if you are not from the USA you can still use this site with the help of a good quality VPN. This site also has a separate app which you can download on your Android device to watch movies without even opening the site.


As promised at the beginning of this article we have discussed top 7 cool movie sites which will definitely change your movie watching experience by helping you to watch new entertaining movies within few days of release which you can only dream of in the past.

If you are a true movie lover, then you must go through this article thoroughly so that you can select the best movie streaming site and eventually watch top quality movies in HD and 4K video quality.

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