Best Alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac

If you use your PC for most of the coding and you recently switched from a Windows machine to a Mac-based machine, then you are wondering what would be the alternatives for notepad++ on the Mac format, then you are really in the right place  because in this article I will give you the list of the best alternatives for the notepad++ for mac.

Windows format supports a lot of text editors and notepad++ is one one of them. So if you use any other text editor then the list will be the same. On the other hand, Mac supports only a few of them. So the list will not be as long as of the Windows options but there are plenty of choices in Mac side as well. I would like you to know that most of them will be paid or the key features in them will be paid. So choose wisely, because if you are one of the casual users then you should not spend that money on this text-editor but if want to become a hardcore user then you can do that, it is up to you.

Alternatives for Notepad++ on Mac

There is a list of the alternatives, but I am giving you the best of them according to my usage or my research for the other ones. The list will be not the same for the others or you, so don’t under-appreciate the efforts the time I put in making this article. The list will be like this and the number will not say that which is best from the other.

(1.) Atom

If you are looking for the best alternative for the notepad++ on Mac format then you must download this application right now. Atom is a free to use and open-source software. Its design is most related to the notepad++. It is modern and its approach is same as of the notepad++. It is a really powerful text-editor and designed by the team at GitHub and the processing power speaks for itself. It is highly customizable which means that all the parts of this application can be tweaked to the very contents. And you can do that according to the workflow for your workgroup and can run every HTML and java-script commands.


In its core, Atom is built on HTML, Javascript and more. Even though the software has more than needed features, but this application has also open-source packages to add new features and functionality. The previous developers do not give regular updates but since now this app is being developed by GitHub, we can be sure that now will be getting the latest updates.

(2.) Sublime Text 3

Because we are reading about the best alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac, we must have known about the Sublime Text. Now we have the recent and latest update of it named Sublime Text 3. The Sublime Text 3 is the most used text-editor by the Mac users. The Mac users like the features of Sublime Text 3 like syntax highlighting and folding. A file level of customizability, easy to navigate interface, multiple selections, powerful API and package ecosystems are the most known features of Sublime Text 3. If its price is not the issue, this will be used over Notepad++ in Windows machines as well.

sublime text 3

The most important feature of this application is “Goto anything”, which is my favorite feature of this application. This feature states that the control will jump to symbols, lines, and words.  By combining this feature with split editing, GoTo definition, command palette, batch editing, and instant project switch makes this text editor also the best editor in all of the list here. But the cost of this editor makes it less usable by users in the Windows platform. But on the Mac platform, this editor is the best in my opinion.

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(3.) Brackets

Brackets is one of the best and free to use text-editor for Mac platform which focuses on Web-designing. Therefore it is used by most of the front-end developers and web-designers. The designers of Brackets are Adobe, which is mainly used by the paid products but this is an open-source project by Adobe. Therefore, most of the users find it very easy to use and develop their sites.


The best feature of Brackets is the “Live Preview”. This feature allows the users to see the changes done in the code instantly on the web page. When the users are using the Live Preview feature, brackets automatically open your default browsers which will reflect the changes in the code, you are doing at the real-time in Brackets application. It is the very best way to see that how are you coding. That’s not it, Brackets also allows us to add extensions just like Atom, therefore the application adds a bunch of features through extensions, which are not present natively in the application.

(4.) BBEdit 2

The most known and oldest text-editor out there. This text-editor is available from the 1990s in the market and the latest update is BBEdit 2. It is available from the first Mac version itself. Therefore we can say that it is made for the Mac platform as it is available for the Mac platform from nearly three decades. It is one of the best text editors out there for the HTML format on the Mac platform.

BBEdit 2

The app itself is packed with the features like built-in tools text manipulations, Hard wrap, complete set of HTML tools and more. The app comes with the 1-month trial as well to test this application thoroughly. But after one month if you are still not satisfied with the test, then you can use the free version with fewer features named “TextWrangler”. This product is also built by the same company, so you can be assured with the results but the necessary features for a front-end developer will not be present. so if you want to use it for a casual purpose then you can use the free version of this application.

(5.) UltraEdit

UltraEdit, in their description, claims to be the best text editor in the world, but quite frankly “Its the self-proclaimed title” by their developers. Enough of its “World’s Best text-editor title”, now let us take a look of it’s best features, because of which it can in my list of best alternatives. The main features of this application are that it supports a ton of different languages including and limited to C, Objective C, PHP, Perl, Python.


It’s not limited to only text highlighting and folding but it also supports for retina display, spells checking and blocks mode editing among others. unlike others, it is not free and there is no free trial to use it before buying. But the main text editor does not come only with the package but comes with the more applications which are necessary for the smooth working of this application. The most useful package with the main application is Ultra Compare, which lets us compare the history of your previous files and projects.


The alternatives for the notepad++ are more than enough to write in one article. Therefore in this article, I write about the best alternatives, which is the best in my opinion and you may or may not be the same as of your choice. So do take in consideration that most of these are not free and choose one of them considering your needs. That’s the all, I can say about this topic. If you are installing one of these applications, do let me know and if you find it difficult to install them, feel free to ask.

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