10 Best free Streaming Sites

Nowadays with the evolution of the Internet, you can easily stream TV channels, and TV shows online and watches them directly from your PC or mobile. Sometimes you can watch TV shows and series online without subscription while in some cases you need to have a proper subscription.

The main benefits that you will get in watching TV series online through free TV streaming sites are that you are free to watch your favorite TV series or Anime Streaming sites anytime. In order to avail these services all you need is the internet.

There are various free TV streaming sites available on the Internet that specifically let you stream TV shows although all of these sites are not always trustworthy. Therefore in this article, we will provide you with a list of the best free TV streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows online.

Free TV Streaming Sites


Kingmovies.is is one of the most efficient movies streaming sites which provide high-level HD quality movie links. It has a movie library where you can keep your favorite movies along with various other movies. This site has a huge collection of both new and old movies along with TV shows.

This website has a very simple interface, and hence you can easily find your favorite movies without facing any issues. In the top portion of Kingmovies.is site, you will find different categories so that you can choose your movies and TV shows easily by entering an appropriate category.

This site even allows you to make a demand for your favorite movies and TV shows and also recommends you about the most famous TV shows and movies. Another great feature of this site is that it shows the playback quality of all the movie and TV show links.


Netflix is also a fantastic free TV streaming site where you can not only stream TV shows but also watch different types of online movies without spending a single penny as it is a free TV streaming site. You can enjoy favorite sports shows along with controversial talk shows on Netflix.

It is also one of the best sites for streaming online TV series. The only negative side of Netflix is that it is not entirely free. You will get a trial period of about 30 days after which you need to get a subscription.

Netflix has a very straightforward interface, and hence you can manage it even if you are using Netflix for the first time. They provide Netflix original contents which you will find exclusively on Netflix only.

TV Duck

Some websites are equally suitable for streaming both TV series and movies online, while some of them can be chosen only to watch TV series. TV Duck is such a TV streaming site which mainly stream TV series and shows.

You can easily stream your favorite TV shows, and series as you will find the streaming links of the favorite TV shows and series on the home page of TV Duck.

This site has various options through which you can search for various shows and get the link to all the episodes of a single TV show on a single page. The only negative point of TV Duck is that you might need the subscription of Vudu or Netflix for free streaming of TV series online on TV Duck.

TV Land

TV Land has an extensive collection of TV shows and series. This website allows you to stream the full-length TV show without any issue. One of the great features of TV Land includes the fact that you can use its services on your mobile as well.

You can download the free TV Land mobile app and then register yourself with appropriate details. As soon as you register yourself on TV Land, you will be able to start watching the TV shows and series on your mobile phone.

All the databases of TV Land are being updated regularly which enables you to watch brand new episodes of your favorite TV show on a regular basis. All these exciting features of TV Land makes it one of the most famous free TV streaming sites.

Share TV

Share TV is a free TV streaming site which has an extensive collection of different TV shows and series. Share TV has many TV series that you would like to watch from which includes both old as well as new ones.

Another essential feature of Share TV includes the fact that new TV series are being added every week. As new TV series are being added every week so you can stay rest assured to find a new and fantastic TV series anytime, you try to access their service.

Few other exciting features of the Share TV official site include a schedule of TV shows which are going to be released as well as receive updates for new TV series that are already uploaded. Apart from TV shows and series Share TV also contains free movies which you can download on any device.

Share TV has a straightforward interface and even offers a search bar on the home page so that you can easily find your favorite TV shows and series.


Flixtor is a free TV streaming site which has a straightforward interface. In this site, all the TV series are arranged very systematically so you can easily browse through the TV shows and series. In Flixtor you don’t have to sign up or register to watch any episodes of your favorite shows.

Another feature of this website which will help you to find your favorite TV series is the presence of the search bar on the Home screen of this website. You have to only type the name of the TV series in the search bar to enjoy the full episodes of the TV shows.

As you will enter this site, you will find that the most popular and trending series is generally provided on the right-hand side of the website while all-new series and new episodes of series will be present right below the search bar. Flixtor does not contain annoying pop-up ads which is one of the main positives of Flixtor.


Crackle is free TV streaming site which has a super smooth user interface that will allow you to go through the website easily and hence you will be able to find the TV series that you are looking for. Although this site did not provide you with super HD videos or 4K videos, it will surely provide you with 720p videos.

You usually don’t have to sign up or register into Crackle to enjoy all the TV shows and series but if you want you can register yourself to Crackle to enjoy few additional features which are available for the registered members only.

The most important additional benefit for the registered members is that they will get regular updates about all new episodes or series which are being uploaded to the site. The only negative point about Crackle is that it does not work in all regions.

123 Movies

123 Movies has an extensive collection of HD quality movies and TV series. It has a very easy interface, and it offers less number of ads. Its easy user interface will definitely help you to find your favorite TV series and movies without facing much trouble.

All the TV shows on this site are divided into different categories. 123 Movies offers Netflix contents for free which is another excellent feature of this free TV streaming site.

As it is a free site so you can easily sign in without investing a single penny. Although you can enjoy most of the TV series without registering yourself but in order to get a notification through email for new movies and TV series, you have to sign up separately.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the best free TV streaming sites. You may think that it is not as effective as some of the other TV streaming sites, but after looking at the collection of movies in its library, your perception will completely change.

In spite of it being a free TV streaming site, it has 7400 TV shows and contains an extensive collection of movies. Tubi TV is also famous for its wide range of Anime contents. So Tubi TV will be an excellent choice for any Anime lover.

Through Tubi TV you can even stream premium content from Netflix like Games of Thrones and Despo, etc. Tubi TV has a straightforward interface, and hence you can easily search for your favorite movies and TV shows.


Hulu is a very famous free TV streaming site which can stream new TV shows and even with less number of advertisements. Hulu comes with an impressive online library which contains various movies, anime, and documentaries.

Hulu is the ideal site where you will get a full-length TV series. One of the main advantages that you can enjoy with Hulu is that it updates its database within 24 hours.

This TV streaming site has a smooth and simple interface. You can easily search for your favorite movies and TV shows with the help of the TV tab or the Search box.

The only negative point about Hulu is that although it is free you will get a few TV series and movies in the free version. So in order to avail all the TV shows and movies you will have to subscribe by spending a fair amount of money.


As promised at the beginning of the article we have described the top 10 free TV streaming sites on which you can watch TV series online. You can always go with the trial period with every TV streaming sites and then switch to whatever suits you the best.

All the sites that we have mentioned above are free to use, so you don’t have to worry about any monthly or yearly subscription. To watch any TV series or movies on these sites all you need to do is sign up with email id and you are ready to stream your favorite TV series online.

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