Best Software like iMovie for Windows

iMovie is a Mac OS X program developed by Apple several years ago promote video editing. The software company developed it to compete with Windows Movie Maker. However, the video editing software is not good enough to compete with the other Windows-based video editing products.

Today, we are going to list down some of the best programs that can replace iMovie forever. We have used some of the video editing software’s to edit videos for YouTube & social media platform. Some of them are available for free, but you might have spent a few hundred dollars on purchasing the license key.

1. OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot is a free editor offered by a team of developer’s community. Millions of developers came forward to help the software improve and bundled with plenty of features. The open-source software does not come with a price, and you can download it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and many other computer platforms. The software is good at utilizing the GPU & CPU to render the video in 1080P and 4K resolution.


  • It supports cross-platform like Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and others.
  • Drag & drop support for easy editing.
  • It supports several Image, Audio, and Video formats.
  • Add unlimited tracks to the project and layers to the project.
  • All basic features bundled with the latest version such as trimming, snapping, scaling, resizing, cutting, and more.
  • Like professional editors, it offers effects, animated titles, and more.
  • Accurate frames tuning.
  • Advanced features like splitting the video accurately, pan, zoom, and snap the video.

OpenShot overall performance is excellent. However, the Windows machine must run the 64-bit operating system, and modern computers are preferred.

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2. Corel Video Studio

Corel is a reputed software company that built many tools for the entertainment industry and art industry. Yes, they are the one who developed Corel Draw software that rivals Adobe Photoshop program. Corel’s Video Studio is another product that they created a few years ago.


  • The software designed for the beginners, so you can start learning the interface right away.
  • An in-built screen recorder, so you can record videos or display without any issues.
  • Quickly make a video using the inbuilt “Fast Flick” feature.
  • A multi-camera video editing is possible with the latest version and the company designed it to avoid destabilization.
  • An advanced feature to enable Chroma key and green screen.
  • By using the motion tracking, you can add moving text, blur, logos, and license plates to the project.
  • The user interface designed it for the beginners, so it wouldn’t take long for a newbie to get used to the functions.

For $70+ per year, you can access all features, and it is probably the affordable video editor in the segment.

3. Blender

Blender is a freemium program available for Windows operating system, and it enables the users to make 3D animation suite. The open-source program does not charge a single penny, and it offers advanced features that you find in popular video editors.


  • The advanced feature of live preview, luma waveform, histogram displays, Chroma Vectorscope and more.
  • Start audio mixing, scrubbing, synchronizing, and waveform visualization.
  • You get 32 slots to add media to the project, and it does not offer unlimited tracks.
  • You can add various types of formats like audio, video, and other files.
  • All basic features are available such as speed control, transitions, adjustment layers, filters, keyframes, and more.
  • The developers created it for 3D animation and modeling side.

Blender is a free program that receives updates once in a month or so on — an overall advanced video editor for regular usage and 3D animators.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a popular software company that solved Flash Player issue with Adobe Flash Player back in 2005. The company rose to fame with products like PDF reader, Photoshop, Illustrate, After Effects and more. The world accepted the Premier Pro video editor because the popular company is backing it up. However, it offers some advanced features for the newbies.


  • The UI designed for the newbies, so anyone can learn it by watching YouTube videos.
  • It offers all basic features like adding tracks, media files, rotating, cutting, and more.
  • You can render the video in multiple video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, and more.
  • Premier Rush mobile app for smartphone users, so edit a video in a few clicks.
  • The software company releases stability updates and new feature updates.
  • The program supports iPhone 8 & iPhone X formats such as Sony Venice V2, ARRI Alexa LF and HEIF (HEIC).
  • The language support team are adding more shortcuts to the keyboard and take control over the video editing.
  • Optimized video support for 180 VR including effects. You can use the format to upload the videos in VR 180 formats.
  • Motion Graphics templates.

The number of features added to the latest version keep goes on.

5. Sony Vegas or Magix Vegas

Vegas Pro is one of the popular video editing software in the world because it offers some of the best features. I have been using Vegas Pro since the company split from Sony Creative Software. The brand involved in developing the editor in the past, but the project handed over to Magix.


  • Very easy to understand and easy to navigate user interface. There are tons of videos on problems & solutions, tutorials, and How-To guides.
  • It supports almost every media format like MP4, WMV and more. Keep in mind that it does not support a few formats such as FLV format.
  • All basic editing features are available such as cropping, resizing, splitting, A & B repeat and more.
  • You can find in-built effects, transitions, and attachments to add in the project.
  • Advanced features like drag & drop, frame accuracy, and more.

Sony Vegas or Magix Vegas is a premium software available in the market, but it is an excellent tool for regular users and advanced users.


OpenShot is open-source software that I recommend under freemium category and Vegas Pro under the premium category. Let us know what do you think about the Best Software like iMovie for Windows in the comment section below.

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