5 Best Torrent Search Engines

The Pirate Bay is a popular site that got shut down after so many years of struggle and hardship of the founders. The Torrent sites banned in several countries because it encourages piracy on another level, and many creators lose a lot of money including credits.

We don’t recommend the users to use Torrent sites because they are dangerous and it encourages the killing of credits & creativity of the independent artists. Before we start listing down best Torrent search engines, we inform you that the users should never access and download any content from Torrents until or unless they have an active VPN.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Access Torrent Sites?

I can give you several reasons to use a VPN on a daily basis or the day when you are accessing the torrent site. However, I am going to skip the part, where the user’s security is at stake because of people likely to continue accessing with despite giving them warnings.

  1. Governments are working together with the telecom communications to block the sites.
  2. Yes, you cannot access Torrent sites and services because they are probably blocked in your country.
  3. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can unblock the sites and servers that contains the files that you are trying to download.

Use a VPN application or service to access the blocked sites, and make sure to remain anonymous, while surfing the site. Here are some best VPN which you can use to access torrent sites.

Note: Torrents is one stop shop for privacy invaders and hackers to inject dangerous files into your Windows PC, and steal the information.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is number one site in the world that changed the course of Torrents for more than a decade. Multiple lawsuits and copyright lawsuits have affected the site over the years, and it has gone through harsh moments in history. The founders of the site tried their best to keep the portal up and running, but the Government is banning them back to back.

However, the lawsuits have caused the founders career, and they have sentenced to prison for violating copyright infringement over the years. The good part is that Pirate Bay still runs in a domain extension. You can access the Pirate Bay search engine to access premium content, and the active domain link is below.

2. Torrents.me

Torrents dot me is a different portal that offers latest and trending torrents around the world on the site. A search engine that offers a wide range of sites and torrent portals for the users to look for movies, anime, videos, premium content, and more. The trends keep changing from hour to hour to offer the latest content to the users.

The user-interface is clean and the designed in categories so that you can find the specific content only. You can find hundreds of working and active BitTorrents on the portal, so you don’t have to look for the sites manually. The site utilizes pop-up advertisements and displays ads to generate income.



RARBG is a popular Torrent site that has been around us for a decade now, and the site offers high-quality content on the platform. Millions of people use the portal because the administrators have maintained the quality of the site, and they have ensured that it works smoothly on all devices.

Unfortunately, the site is banned in many countries including Denmark, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and many other countries. However, the VPN is capable enough to unblock the site, and you can access the content without any issue.

The popular portal offers movies, 18+ content, TV shows, games, music, trailers, and more. You can access the latest releases in HD CAM format and download them to your local storage. The server performance of the RARBG is average, so getting 100 Mbps connection is meaningless.

4. Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is a search engine that enables the users to search for the premium content online for free. Yes, the site does not have anything in the database, but the server connects with the portals and helps you find the content. The search engine integrated with thousands of small and big Torrent sites, so it can get you the result that no one can offer.

However, the Torrent Seeker does not check the link, so there are chances that you can find broken links, inactive links, and files missing pages. The site utilizes Google search engine to find the pages, so the search engine is monitoring your actions for sure. If you are an internet marketer, then I don’t recommend this site for you because it can have an impact on your site as well.


Xtorx is a search engine that targets Torrent sites only, so you can find Torrents that offers premium content in the portal. Ztorx is a simple and straight forward homepage that connects to the Torrent sites and its content in the platform. However, there are no filtering options for the users, so you cannot search for specific URLs and clicking any link results in opening a new window with the content URL.

Majority of the times the search engine offers active sites with working download links in it. Do not get excited because it does not scan the sites and pages for malware, adware, etc., so you may land on a dangerous site as well.


Torrents portals are getting banned every year by the World Government, and the founders are changing the domain extensions to keep it running. It is only a matter of time that Torrent sites will be shut down and people will move on to something else. Let us know what do you think about the Torrent sites shutting down in the comment section below.

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