5+ Best VPN for Android

VPN short for a virtual private network that creates a secure internet line for computer users, smartphone users, and servers. The VPN serves an important task in the online community to create a mask that protects the people from unknown threats of the online world.

The smartphone is set to take over the world by 2019, and the majority of the users utilize the compact device to access websites and online services. We have compiled a list of VPN that enables you to protect yourself from online threats.

1. Windscribe


Our team has reviewed Windscribe several times on different occasions, and we found that it is an excellent VPN for Windows machine, Android, iOS, Chrome browser, and Mozilla browser. It offers 100+ server locations, and it is one of the major reasons Windscribe impressed us. The performance of the program or app impressive and it does not slow down your computer or smartphone.


  1. The developers added strong encryption such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5 protocols.
  2. It does not leave any (DNS Leak) traces of your existence and keeps you safe.
  3. The streaming company Netflix added restrictions to VPN users, but it can bypass the security wall.
  4. Every Torrent website is promoting a VPN because they want the users to feel secure. Windscribe can help you protect privacy while using a Torrent site. Here are some Torrent sites which you can visit.
  5. The Windscribe user interfaces extremely easy to use and it supports cross-platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more.

If you create a new account with a valid email address, then you can get 10 GB data per month. The users can use the same account on a computer program, browser extension, smartphone, and more.

Download Windscribe

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2. Tunnel Bear

                       Tunnel bear

Tunnel Bear Android app enables you to access blocked sites around the world with the help of VPN service. We have used the Tunnel Bear in the past, and it offers decent features for beginners. The VPN offers 500 MB data to the users in the free plan because the company is aiming to turn you into paying customer.


  1. No logs – Yes, the company does not record your history or activity.
  2. The Tunnel Bear utilizes the industrial level OpenVPN encryption such as an AES-256.
  3. The 500 MB data can be used in Windows program, Android OS, and Browser extension as well.
  4. The Kill-Switch (VigilantBear) adds an extra layer of protection.
  5. The VPN utilize the anonymous IP to protect your activity.

Remember, Canadian citizens cannot use Tunnel Bear, and Netflix does not work as well.

Download Tunnel Bear

3. ProtonVPN

                         proton VPN

ProtonVPN considered as an underrated virtual private network because it offers some great security features. The company took the service to an extreme length and offered physical security — the main servers located in Switzerland, where they have set-up the whole machines in former Swiss army fallout shelter. The modern enables you to access the functions and features more comfortably.


  1. The ProtonVPN offers the strongest physical security and online security by adding kill-switch. If the server lost connection, then your IP protected by the service.
  2. The DNS Leak Prevention feature protects the information shared between sites to your browser.
  3. The company has “NO LOGS” policy, so the server does not record the history or activity data.
  4. The company has covered 30 location with 330 servers installed in different parts of the countries. The capacity of the servers to send & receive data is 386 GBPS.
  5. The encryption AES-256, 2048-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA256 enable the strongest protection ever.

The ProtonVPN has limitations and CONS as well, but we recommend it for the beginners. The professional people look for an alternative because it may not protect you from advanced sites with the virus, malware, and other threats.

Download ProtonVPN

4. Hotspot Shield

                                  Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a premium VPN service providing company that aims to offer free plan to attract new users on the platform. The company offering the free plan to promote the premium plan, but the freebies can get maximum features out of it. The Hotspot Shield did not hold back because they added all-important features to the freebies. A user can protect the identity and IP address without the presence of the premium features.


  1. The company does not feed you ads, so the browsing experience is good.
  2. There is no limit to the bandwidth, and you can get maximum data send/receive from the servers.
  3. The freemium and premium package offers malware protection.
  4. The Wi-Fi security adds an extra layer of protection to the router.
  5. The developers added an extra layer of protection by enabling no logs policy with Strong Encryption.
  6. The strong encryption utilizes OpenVPN, IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP Protocols.

The Hotspot Shield present in 30 countries with more than 200+ locations.

Download Hotspot Shield

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5. ExpressVPN

                      Express Vpn

ExpressVPN stands on the top in our list, but it has landed on the fifth position. The large pool of servers and number of locations (2000+) and it offers great security as well. The user interface is extremely easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about navigating it because the developers created it for the beginners.


  1. The servers do not record the history and activity.
  2. The ExpressVPN is a premium package service without no hidden cost in the Risk-Free VPN Trial for 30 Days.
  3. The DNS Leak Protection feature protects the communication between site server and your browser so that no one can stalk you.
  4. The ExpressVPN utilize the strongest encryption such as OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP.
  5. The kill-switch option protects your IP address and your identity online, even when the server connection is lost.

Nobody can deny that ExpressVPN is an excellent premium solution, but ExpressVPN does not offer a free plan for the freebies. Fortunately, you can opt for the 30-days trial period using the virtual card or credit card.

Download Express VPN


The virtual private network is an important aspect of online marketers and those who want to access blocked sites. Saudi Arabia and China have banned several popular sites like YouTube, and you can access blocked sites using VPN. Let us know what do you think about the best free VPN for Android smartphones in the comment section below.

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