How to Fix the “Critical Process Died” Stop Code in Windows 10

Windows is prone to errors such as “critical_process_died,” and there are only a few solutions out there that work. Unfortunately, we have one error, and there are several solutions because of that one error caused by ten’s of other problems.

The error “critical_process_died” result of many reasons and we will explore the solutions that do not consume a lot of time. By the end of the solutions, the problem fixes without any issues. We will download only one program from the internet, and the rest of the solutions offered by Microsoft in Windows.

Solution #1: Malwarebytes

Many of you might be thinking that it could be an internal issue. However, I have a different theory to explain, so download Malwarebytes free version to scan for malware and spyware. Usually, the malware created by the hackers that sneak into your computer.

Unfortunately, they pretend to be one of the Microsoft main system files, but they are intended to create problems for the computer. You must have heard of system optimizers, right? Many companies spread the virus, malware, adware, and spyware, so you buy the programs to fix it.

Malwarebytes free program can help you get rid of it, in a few clicks, so do not hesitate to use it. I was able to kick out 66 malware from my computer.

TIP: You can use the premium trial version for 14-days that offers real-time protection, so use it for free.

Solution #2: System File Checker

Microsoft realized that hackers & invaders are using loopholes in the Windows OS and they are attacking system files. A system file that cannot be detected as an imposter because Windows blocks it on any program including security programs. So, Microsoft developed a tool that checks, analyze, and verify the system file.

Yes, we are going to check the system files for infected files, and get rid of them once and for all.

Step 1: “Windows key + S” and type “COMMAND PROMPT” then run as administrator.

critical process died

Step 2: The command prompt will open on your screen, and you have to type “sfc/scannow” and hit enter.

criticl process

Step 3: The process begins, but it consumes a lot of time to reach 10% to 100%, but the good part about the scanner is that you can work in the background.

critical process died

Step 4: It has been over ten minutes, and the scanner reached 20% only. Don’t get impatient, and kindly wait, or you can work in the background.

Critical process died

The process takes approximately half an hour to complete, so make sure to wait until the scanner verifies all system files.

Solution #3: Uninstall or Install

Incorrectly or exclamation mark drivers create a lot of problems because they are not functioning. Anyways, we have to look for the drivers that are installed properly on our computer. Windows device manager is the perfect place to look into the situation and make changes to it.

Step 1: Windows key + S and type “device manager” and hit the first result to open.

Step 2: I have recently installed the Windows 10 Pro, so Windows update never had the chance to look for proper drivers for the computer. I have three unknown drivers installed on the computer.

Step 3: Now, you have two options, you can either search for the right drivers, or you can uninstall them.

However, I am choosing to uninstall them because I don’t want to download additional drivers and updates. Microsoft updates usually have 4 GB or 6 GB files for the computer, and it consumes a lot of time. The number of unknown drivers does not seem very important to me, so I am going for uninstall.

Step 4: Now, click to select the unknown driver, and click on “uninstall” or “update” but make sure that Windows update is turned on.

uninstall or install

Step 5: The confirmation message pop-up on your screen, and click on “OK” to proceed.

critical process died

Now, uninstall the drives one by one, or update them.

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Solution #4: Uninstall

We have so many programs available in the market; they have similarities in functions and requirements as well. When you install two programs that require the same resources and access, then they start a fight between them. At the end of the result, and we have crashes with unexplained problems.

Yes, its time for you to uninstall the programs one by one to check the culprit.

Does this idea work?

Absolutely, YES!!!

So how do we start it?

Note: Create a restore point so that you can revert all the changes in one click.

Step 1: Go to control pane > uninstall programs.

Step 2: Let the programs load properly.

Step 3: Now, uninstall the program by date of install. Start with the program that installed one or two days of the problem started to persist.

critical process died

After every two programs uninstall, restart the computer, and test in real-time.

Solution #5: Last Resort

There are times that nothing works, no matter how much time we invest into it, and the numbers of solution we try on the problem. Fortunately, Microsoft added a feature in Windows 8-edition, and it’s called “RESET.”

YouTube Video for instructions


The last will solve the issue, but I recommend you to try out the first four solutions. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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