How to Download Magisk Manger and Root your Android Device

Magisk Manager, if you never heard this name before then you are in the right place. If you are trying to root your android device and searching for that on the internet. Then, you must have read about the service which we use for that purpose. If you don’t know about this, then you are at the place where I will tell you about “How to download Magisk Manager?” and “How to use that to root any android device?”

If you want to root your android device, then the magisk manager will be the smart choice. Because of the customization provided by its different modules, you can simply do anything you want to your Android device. Which is not possible with the earlier services we use to root our Android devices. Therefore, the questions about its working must be there in your mind and the clarification of those will be in this article later on.

What is Magisk Manager?

So, to answer the first question in your mind i.e. “What is Magisk Manager?”, let me first explain you that “What is Rooting?”,then it will be clear that what is the answer to your first question. Rooting in simple word is the process which you gives you access to every area of your device even though the manufacturers prohibited you to do so. So now you know little about rooting, so its time to tell you about the main topic of this post. Magisk Manager is a service which we use to root our Android devices. The reason for using this service is that you can run those applications as well which is banned to run on a rooted device. This is not the only purpose of this application or service, there are many more, but those are not for beginners like you.

Download Magisk Manager Application and Zip

How to Install Magisk Manager and Root your Android Device

  • Download the files from the given links earlier in the article.
  • Now, transfer the files in the Internal storage of the Android device which you want to root. (in case the files are not in Android Device in the first place)
  • Now, boot into the TWRP recovery, search for it if you don’t how to do that. In my device, it is by pressing the power and Volume+ button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Now that you have done that, install Magisk Manager. Click on the “Install” button in the recovery and locate the Magisk Zip, you downloaded earlier.
  • Slide to install the zip and when done just reboot to the system after that.
  • Now the zip is installed to the device but to use the root features, install the application downloaded earlier.

That’s it, you have rooted your device and if you are having some issues repeat the third step. Just choose the Uninstaller zip from the given link above. If you reading this article very late then please check for the latest version, if not updated on this article.


In this article, there is information given about the Magisk Manager application and How to use that to root your android device. Rooting your Android device is not a bad or illegal thing, but if don’t know about the consequences related to rooting then you should not try that. If you still want to try that do it at your own risk. If you try this and have any queries or suggestions which you want to tell us, do let us in the comments and we look upon that asap.

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