How to get your Stream key for Twitch

If you are a gamer and loves to see others play your favorite game, then you must have come to know about a streaming website called Twitch. This website has a huge base of the viewers and as well as for the creators who want to stream their talent on one of the biggest streaming formats out there. If you are a gamer and wants to stream your gaming on the web, then you must have a question arises in your mind i.e “How to stream on Twitch?”. The answer to that question is “you need a Twitch Stream key to do so”. And that stream key is needed to stream your content to the web using any of the broadcasting services of your choice. I am telling about “How to use stream key in Stream labs’ Open Broadcasting Services (OBS)“.

What is Twitch?

As I have told earlier that Twitch is a streaming service, where you can stream your content on the web for free*. Twitch has over almost 140 million unique viewers on its platform. And there are over 2 million content creators that streams there content regularly on this platform. There are various ways where you can pay your favorite creator as a donation and this is the other great feature of this platform i.e the creator can use this platform as its primary source of income.

twitch Stream key

How to use Twitch stream key in OBS?

There are many steps that are necesaary to do before streaming on Twitch using OBS. The steps to do that will be given in the article later on. But the first and formost step for doing this is to create an account on Twitch and install OBS on your computer and then follow the next two steps.

Settings On Twitch Page:

  • Browse to and Log in your account there. or You can sign up there if you don’t have one.
  • Go to your Dashboard menu on the top right menu of your window.
  • Select the game under the Playing Tab which you want to play.
  • Enter the Title under the Title Tab on your screen.

This is all you have to do on to start your stream. The next step will be at the OBS application.

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Using OBS:

Configuring the steam settings:

  • Assuming that you have already downloaded the OBS application, Right Click on the OBS icon on your desktop and run that as Administrator.
  • Select the Broadcasting settings from the settings menu.
  • Select your streaming service as Twitch under the tab of streaming services.
  • Go back to and copy your stream key from the channel settings and come back to OBS application.
  • Paste the stream key under the tab named as stream key and Select OK.

Setting the page and Going Live:

  • On the main OBS page you will see Go Live option and click on it.
  • Fill up the prompts there which is asked and your live stream will be started.

That’s it you have to do to stream your content on steam with the help of OBS application.


In this article, I have told you about the topic to stream your content on the Twitch platform using any broadcasting software and I use OBS application for this pupose. You need to have only your Twitch stream key to stream your content using OBS. I have provided all the necessary steps to do this in this article and If you find this article helpful, do let me know in the comments down below and you have any suggestions, also do let me know.

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