How to Configure Outlook Settings to access Gmail

Microsoft added an interesting feature or an app that enables the users to run Google mail emails on Windows machine without using Google services. Yes, the feature called “Outlook” designed to send and receive emails from any client. I am going to show you two ways you can add an email account to the Windows 10 PC.

Remember, the method the Outlook offers automatic, manual, exchange, and POP or IMAP. In this case, we are going to use automatic feature and POP & IMAP feature because the two methods are probably the best solutions available.

I have set-up a custom email address that connects webmail to Windows mail app.

What is the Mail App?

Microsoft improved the Outlook feature from Windows 7-series and Windows 8-series by making it all in one. Yes, the mail app available on the Windows 10 all editions and anyone can use it to send/receive emails. The mail app offers features that were not possible in the past and making it an important aspect of businesspeople life.

configure outlook settings


  1. Send & receive emails without opening the official mail client.
  2. Automatic updates in the Windows update feature.
  3. Automatic set-up wizard.
  4. Add Yahoo mail, Google mail, Hotmail, AOL mail, and more automatically.
  5. Add multiple accounts in one mail app and access them individually without any loading issues.
  6. Very easy to use user interface, so there are no confusions while using it.

A modern mail app offering features & integration makes the lives of businesspeople easy. It is an essential app for multiple mail account users.

How To Configure Mail App To Access Google Mail?

There are two methods to access Google Mail and allow us to show you can make it happen on your edition of Windows 10. Remember, the settings remain the same on Windows 8 edition or any other version because the manual settings remain the same.

Step 1: Login to Google mail and click on the gear icon to proceed, and then select settings.

Configure outlook settings

Step 2: Several options show up on your screen and click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and page loads more options.

Configure outlook settings

Step 3: Now, scroll down until you find “Status: IMAP is disabled” and click on “Enable IMAP” and then click on “save changes” to complete the process.

Configure outlook settings to access gmail

Step 4: Click on add account, and it will load the advanced options. Scroll down till you find “other account such as “POP & IMAP” settings.

Configure outlook settings

Step 5: Now, add Google email address, sender name, and password in the empty fields and then click on “sign in” to proceed.

Outlook settings

Step 6: The next page takes you to the confirmation page, and click on save.

outlook settings configure

Step 7: In most cases, the synchronize doesn’t work normally. However, the users can fix it in a few steps, and we are going to show it to you.

Step 8: In case, if you have added multiple accounts, then find the account settings manually and click on it. Now, you have “fix account” and change settings, but you have to select fix account.

Configure outlook settings to acess gmail

Step 9: The settings page pop-ups on your screen and click on “change mailbox sync settings” and move forward.

Outlook settings

Step 10: In the next page, scroll down until you find the option “advanced mailbox settings,” and it will load another page.

Gmail sync settings

Step 11: Now, I have shared a snapshot below and copied & paste the information in it.

Sync options

The incoming server: “” and I will leave the copy & paste task to you.

The outgoing server: “” and I will leave the copy & paste task to you.

Make sure everything below is checked and click on “DONE” to save the changes.

The Outlook manually looks for the Google mail account using the credentials.


The second method consists of automatic setup that includes the Mail App. The Windows 10 mail app has a direct option to connect to the Google account, and you don’t need to set up the IMAP or POP settings in it. In case, if you don’t want to go through all fuss and the Windows running 10th edition, then it is an excellent option. Launch the Mail App, and you can find the “Google icon” in the adding zone, and click on it add directly. Let us know what do you think about the Outlook app in the comment section below.


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