How to convert mp3 file format to midi format

There are various file formats available out there. But we are most familiar with the file format named as “mp3”. Because most of our songs are in that file format and most of the users prefer that file format as it is easy to manipulate in any of the file formats. But there is a file format named as “midi”, which is only used by the professional artists who want to preserve the sound quality of the instruments used in a recording. But there is the number of ways by which you can convert the mp3 file format in your desired one, which is “midi” by your choice.

The audio editor mostly used by Windows users at the time of publishing this article is “Audacity“. Audacity is an open-source digital audio editor.  It is also a recording software. It is available for Windows, MacOS and Unix-like operating systems. In this article, I am telling you about the different methods by which you can convert the mp3 file format into a midi format. Audacity is used in one of the methods described below.

What is “MIDI” File Format?

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which is a commonly used file format for playing instruments. It is not as same as the file format you are familiar with, like mp3 or mp4. It is a note based file format which is capable of storing full music strength and the time duration for which the instruments are played. So it is mostly used by the audio artists and you can convert “mp3” file format into “midi” by the methods described in this article.

How to convert “mp3” file format into “midi” file format?

Method 1:

In this method, we are using a PC in which “Audacity” is installed. If you haven’t installed the software, download and installed from the given link above. Assuming that now you have installed “Audacity” on your PC  and you are ready to follow the next steps given in the article as follows. In this method, you are using no network connection, all you need is “Audacity” installed on your computer.

  • Open the “Audacity” application, you have just downloaded and installed on your computer by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut.
  • Import any “mp3” file which you want to convert by Clicking on “File”>”Open”  and select the mp3 file you want to convert.                                      convert mp3 to midi
  • Export the audio file by clicking on “File” > “Export Audio”. and then you will be greeted by the “Export Audio” Window.                                                           mp3 to midi
  • In the “Export Audio” window, choose “other uncompressed files” in the “Save as type” option.
  • Choose the file format by changing the “header” option to “SDS”(Midi Sample Dump Standard). Choose “encoding ” option according to your need.                                                                                                                                     mp3 to midi
  • Choose the audio info according to your choice in the “edit metadata” option.
  • Click “ok”. That’s it, your file format is converted from “mp3” to “midi”.

You can use this application, not just for the mp3 to midi conversion but for the mp4 to mp3 and mp3 to mp4 conversion as well.

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Method 2:

In this method, the file formats are changed with the help network connection or we can say that two web pages which will need a stable internet connection to work. Therefore, if you don’t have a stable internet connection then you can follow the first method. But if you do have a stable internet connection then you can carry on to this method. The two web pages used in this method are free to use.

(1.) Bear File Converter

Bear file converter is a free and easy to use audio converter. The audio files can be in any of the formats like WAV, OGG, WMA, MP3 and many more. The output from this file which is Midi format can be played into the software mentioned in the article above. The way this website works is that you will upload a file which is smaller than 50mb and then the site will run its algorithms and convert the file format into your desired one.                                                                                                         Convert mp3 to midi

  • Go to Bear file converter’s webpage.
  • Click on “Upload”  button to load your file on the site and you have to patient, as it depends on, how stable is your internet connection is.
  • Click on “Convert” button and the file will be converted into your desired file format.

You can download that file easily and use it in further projects.

(2.) Converter Cat

Converter Cat, this website is same as the Bear file Converter, but the user interface is very user-friendly as compared to the other website, I mentioned. You can convert either the file or URL of the file in the other format. The file size is also restricted to 50mb. You have to only register and log in to the website.                                           MP3 to Midi converter

  • Go to Converter Cat website.
  • Choose the file after clicking on the “Choose File” option.
  • Choose “Midi” from the extensions tab and type your email address in the blank box designated for Email only.
  • Click on “Convert” button to convert your file’s format.

After that, the download link of that file will be sent to the email address you typed, so make sure that you type the right email address.


In this article, I have given all the possible best methods to convert the file format from mp3 to midi format. Therefore, you can be assured that this method will work. By if any reason if any of the methods do not work in your working, you can tell me in the comments down below and if you have suggestions for any other method, you can also tell me in the comments down below.

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