How to Create a Meme and win over the Internet

Memes are those funny images or media clips that you see on the Internet. Memes generally portray a story. Technically we may say that a meme is usually a reused image with cleverly captioned words.

If you are a true meme lover, you will be happy to know that it is really easy to create a good-quality meme. Basically, there are various methods to create a meme, but in this article, we will show you the most straightforward way.

Therefore go through this article thoroughly if you want to create your own meme, and once you learn to create a proper meme, you will able to create various combinations of memes.

How to create a Meme

What is a Meme?

Before moving into the main section of this article where we will show you the steps to create a Meme, you must first understand the actual meaning of a meme. Therefore in this section, we will first explain to you what a meme actually is.

A meme is a humorous or satirical piece of content (e.g., a photo or a video) that is generally shared with a large number of people. Memes are typically used for pairing a seemingly normal picture with absurd text, pairing a funny photo with a witty caption, or for adding a new context to a piece of content.

The full form of “meme” is known as “memetics,” which is a study of commonly repeated principles, philosophies, or content. Memes may be comprised of a wide range of content, so determining a specific category of meme can be difficult.

Main types of Meme

Basically, there are various categories of memes that you can create and share with your friends, but here we will discuss two of the most popular types of memes which are Traditional and Dank memes. In order to understand the two main types of meme follow the definitions given below.

Traditional memes involve a stock photo or a screenshot generally from a movie, viral video, or magazine. These photos usually have text that fits the visual tone of the photo added to them. On the other hand, dank memes involve absurd or out-of-context humor. Dank memes often try to bring back a dead or dying meme by overusing it constantly.

Now we can move into the next section of this article as we have explained you the actual meaning of a meme and even discussed the two major types of memes.

How to create a traditional Meme

In this section, we will show you the steps to create a traditional meme. You will be easily able to create a traditional meme as we are going to show you a very straightforward method. So just follow the steps given below, and soon you will learn to create a traditional meme.

1. First and foremost you have to open ImgFlip on your chrome browser.

Note: ImgFlip is a very useful online tool which has one of the most comprehensive meme databases available, and it even allows you to upload your own images to make a meme.

Create meme

2. After opening ImgFlip on your chrome browser, you have to select the “Create” option which is present on the upper-left side of the webpage.

Note: If you move your cursor over the “Create” option a drop-down menu will appear.

Create a meme

3. Once the drop-down menu appears, you have to click on the “Caption a Meme or Image” option. As soon as you click on the “Caption a Meme or Image” option, you will be directed to a page with meme templates.

How to Create a meme

4. After executing the previous step successfully, you have to scroll through the popular meme templates which are present in the upper-right side of the page. Once you find your preferred template, just click on it. You can even upload your own photo to meme by clicking on “Upload your own image” button which is present in the upper-right corner of the page.

How to Create a meme

Note: In order to upload an image from your device after clicking on “Upload your own image” button, you have to click on “Upload image from your device” option then select an appropriate image and then click on “Open” and finally click on “Upload” button.

In order to search for a specific meme, you have to click on the “Search all memes” text box which is present at the right side of the page, then type in the name of the meme that you want to select, and then click on the yellow “View All Meme Templates” button when it appears, and finally select your preferred image.

5. After selecting an appropriate meme or after uploading an image, you have to enter the caption(s) that you want to use for the image within the text boxes that are provided on the right side of the page.

Note: As captions are often position-sensitive, you may have to rearrange your captions’ text if it doesn’t suit your photo.

For example, the traditional meme caption is a horizontal text at the top and at the bottom of the meme image.

Create a meme

6. After adding an appropriate caption to the image, you have to click on the blue “Generate meme” button which is present at the right side of the current webpage. Once you click on the “Generate meme” button, the meme will be created with your selected image and caption.

Create a Meme

7. Finally, after creating the meme you have to right-click on it, and then click on the “Save image” option in the resulting drop-down menu. Once you click on the “Save image” button, the meme will be saved on your computer.

How to Create a meme

Therefore by executing these seven simple steps, you will be able to create a traditional meme. Now we will move into the next section of this article where you will show how to create a dank meme.

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How to create a dank meme

In general, it is straightforward to create a meme, so it is pretty apparent that it is also very easy to create a dank meme. Therefore in this section, we will show you a very easy method to create a dank meme. Just follow the steps thoroughly, and you will be able to create a meme yourself.

1. Firstly you have to find either an image that has current implications (e.g., an image of the Queen of the United Kingdom) or an image that has absolutely nothing to do with current events (e.g., a stock photo of a sunset). Basically, in this step, you have to find an image that will serve as the meme’s base.

Create dank meme

2. After finding an appropriate image, you have to open the image in an image editing software.

Note: Microsoft Paint is widely used for dank memes on Windows while Mac users mostly use a service such as Pixlr which is an online photo-editing program.

Create dank meme

3. After opening the image in the image editing software, you have to add text to the image with the help of the option marked in the picture given below.

How to create a meme

Note: Unlike traditional memes, dank memes usually encourage text placement in odd, non-uniform areas of the image. For example, you can place text near a person’s mouth if you want to portray that the person is saying something.

Most photo editors allow you to add text by clicking on the “Text” button in the toolbar and then by either clicking or clicking and dragging the cursor across the photo.

4. Finally, after customizing the image with appropriate text, you have to save it on your computer. Once you save the image on your computer, you are free to upload it to your preferred social media or meme page.

Create a meme

These are the elementary steps to create a dank meme. If you go through the steps thoroughly, you will understand that it is indeed a straightforward method.


As promised at the beginning of the article we have tried our level best to teach you the most straightforward method to create a meme. If you go through this article thoroughly, you will become knowledgeable enough to create a high-quality meme.

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