How to disable Skype Auto Updates

“How to disable Skype auto-updates?”,This question will arise once in your mind if you are dealing with everyone who has access to the internet with the help of Skype. Now, if you don’t know anything about Skype, let me tell you about it in a very brief manner. Skype is a platform on which you can access other people by means of video chatting and video conferencing to more than one person. It is an easy way to interact with the person which is far away from you but you can still feel them in person. It is like chatting on another social media platform but the person feels like sitting next to you.

Why it is necessary to Disable Skype’s Auto-updates

So, “Why it is necessary to disable Skype’s auto updates?”  Imagine you are having an important video call, you open the Skype application and there is an auto update running at that time and you are not able to access Skype. It will become very time consuming and at times you don’t have any time for that. So it is efficient to disable such a feature when not in use.

The steps for the previous versions of Skype may not be applicable to the latest version of Skype, because the newest version of Skype is not a third party application anymore. So before performing the following steps, I will tell you to update the existing Skype application on your computer. The updated version comes under the package of the Microsoft office, therefore it will be not more updates by itself, but from the Microsoft office. Therefore the steps for the latest version will be

Step 1:  Search for “Microsoft  Store” in the Windows search bar.

Skype auto updates

Step 2: A Microsoft Store window will open.

Disable skype autoupdates

Step 3: Then, click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the window. A pop-up will open.

disable skype autpupdates

Step 4: Click on the settings option there and settings menu of the Microsoft store will open.

Step 5: There you will see the option of  “Update apps automatically” and toggle the settings to “Off”.

disable skype auto updates

That’s it, the setting implies that the apps will not update automatically unless you update them manually.

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So above are the steps for the disabling of Skype’s auto-updates for the latest version. If you find this article any help, let me know in the comments below and if you still have any queries left about any step of this article, also let me know.

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