How to Fix DWM.exe error in Windows

Windows machine offers features, futuristic experience, and gaming experience like no other operating system in the world. However, the modern version of Windows is prone to attacks and imperfection.

Desktop Window Manager stands for DWM.exe that Windows 10 utilizes. The Microsoft added it to view the desktop environment, and it is an important service that Windows cannot live without it. However, many users have reported that it consumes many CPU & RAM, which is not a good sign.

Allow us to offer a few solutions that can resolve the issue in a few clicks, and other solutions that can get rid of it permanently.

Solution #1: Restart Explorer

Windows Explorer is a popular term in the world because it stands for the traditional browser. However, it also stands for the explorer window that we all use to access the folders and documents.

Restarting the explorer can fix the issue, and it fixes the bugs without any issues. I have used it several times to fix a certain problem.

Step 1: Right-click mouse in the taskbar to open the task manager.

DWM.exe err

Step 2: Make sure to keep the explorer open because we need it to restart it.

Step 3: Select it in the task manager and click on “restart” located at the bottom right in the manager.

dwm.exe error

The Window will initiate the process, and the taskbar will reload within a few seconds. In case, if it takes more than a minute, then there is a problem with your machine. Remember, the programs running does not get affected, and they remain open.

Solution #2: Malware

Many hackers & invaders create different types of malware to cause issues to the people. Unfortunately, I have seen so many types of virus that can cause issues like low-performance and privacy attackers. Malware specifically targets people to affect the performance of the machine.

Getting rid of the virus, adware, malware, and spyware is important. Even though, Windows offer “Defender security program,” which is not good enough to protect from all threats.

In this case, we are going to use Malwarebytes and Avast free antivirus to maintain the security level high. I assume that you have downloaded & installed the two suggested programs on your computer. If you already have virus system, then get Malwarebytes (less than100 MB file) because it is an excellent program.

Step 1: Launch the Malwarebytes on your machine and let it run smoothly.

fix DWM.exe error

Step 2: Fortunately, the company let you use the free version that comes with premium virus scanning option. Click on the “scan” button to begin the process.

fix DWM.exe err

Step 3: The scanning button begins the process, and it will check for the updates quickly. The scanner will complete the entire process within ten minutes to half an hour. The speed depends upon the number of files, and the program will list down the number of threats detected.

Dwm Exe.err fix

Step 4: At the end of the entire scanning process, the Malwarebytes will list down the number of threats including the in-depth report. Unfortunately, my computer affected by malware and virus and I has no other choice but to reset the computer.

fix Dwm.exe error

Do not work or run any program in the background because the program might slow them down. In case, if you have more than ten threats on your computer in the Windows installed partition, then you have to reset the computer.

These malware does not go away because the core item converted into one of the Windows system files. Reset your Windows machine to get rid of the malware finally.

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Solution #3: Programs

We install hundreds of small & big programs on the computer. Some of the programs demand CPU & RAM usage. Thus it creates a lot of problem for the low-end machine and even high-end machines.

Now, how do you find the programs that consume too much CPU & RAM usage?

Step 1: Open task manager with Ctrl + Alt + Del button and click on “task manager.”

Step 2: Now, there is an option to scroll sideways to view more information about CPU & RAM usage.

Fix DWm.exe err

Step 3: You have to look to the bottom because programs run in the background as well, and you cannot avoid them because they consume a lot of battery, RAM, CPU, and even space.

Start uninstalling the apps & programs that lead to better performance. In the next solution, we are going to show a permanent solution.

Solution #4: Process Lasso

I have come across many programs that claim to improve the computer speed & boost the performance. However, only a few programs work, and Process Lasso has impressed me the most.

We are not promoting the free program, and no one paid us. We have used Process Lasso for months and decided to list it down here.

Lasso is a program designed to improve the performance every single day at full capacity.

Why is this program not popular?

Unfortunately, many software companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing & promotion, and Lasso beaten by these companies. The Lasso developers did not spend much on marketing due to a low number of sales.

Step 1: Download Process Lasso free version on your computer.

Fix DWM.exe err

Step 2: Install it like any other Windows program.

DWM.exe error

Step 3: Do not mess with the options or settings because it can cause problems. The default settings are perfect for anyone, so do not tweak or play around with it.

Make sure to let it run in the background & notification area because it will keep the health of the computer neutral.

Lasso utilizes the Windows default function “priority,” and it sets the priority of every program from Low, Medium and High. In case, if the Chrome browser is not responding, then the priority shifts from LOW to HIGH in an instant.


Remember, the virus & malware doesn’t go away if the number of detected threats go beyond 10+. Reset the computer to get rid of the entire malware, adware, spyware, and other threats. Let us know which method has helped you in the comment section below.

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