How to Fix Err_Name_Not_Resolved in Chrome

Almost all of us are familiar with the use of the Chrome on our Computer. But, sometimes there are some errors caused time to time in that operation. There are some errors which are caused by internet services or some due to the previous version of the Chrome version. There is one error which is caused not by the ISP or the previous version of the application. The name of the error is “Err_Name_Not_Resolved”. This error is caused due to the inability of the chrome to access the DNS of your computer properly.

What is DNS?

A DNS server is a computer service which contains a database of public IP address and their hostnames and sometimes contains to resolve and those common names to IP as requested. It runs special software to communicate with each other with special protocols. In simple words, we can say that the DNS server is a service which converts the Domain Name to their respective IP address for our browser to access them.

Causes of the Err_Name_Not_Resolved

When you search for a website in your browser and there is an error caused which is “The Webpage is not available”. This error is caused due to “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” and  “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” in the browser settings. Otherwise, there is “Connection not available” error is caused which is also due to the error stated above. There are many factors which can cause these errors, but below we will list the most common factors.

  • Firewalls: These errors can be caused due to the firewalls of our operating system, which is disabling the browser to access some of the sites you want to access.
  • Antivirus: This factor can be the most common factor in these type of situations and the algorithms of the antivirus are disabling the access of some of the sites.
  • Proxy Server: You must have been previously used some of the proxies in your browser to access some sites and forgot to disable them. ANd now they are causing a problem in the access of these sites.
  • DNS server address:  We already discussed the DNS servers and how it helps in changing the domain name to the respective IP addresses which help in accessing the website. But sometimes these servers change their addresses and we have to refresh the addresses and to change it to the Google DNS servers.
  • IP Addresses:  This reason is the most unfortunate in all of the previous causes and the user must change their IP address to access the site they want to.
  • Corrupted Cookies:  These are not your normal biscuit type cookies, these are very different from the normal cookies we understand. But In this context, we are talking about the cookies which help to access the different sites and due to some, they are unable to do so. then we can say that the cookies are corrupted.

How to Fix “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” error in Chrome

Method- 1

The first fix is related to the IP address and we talk about it the causes of this error. The fix of this error is to change the IP address and by the following methods we can change the IP address of the computer and can access the site of our choice.

  1. Go to Start and type “CMD” in the search bar.
  2. Run the “cmd.exe” as an administrator and we can do that by clicking right-click in the mouse and selecting the option out there.
  3. Type “netsh winsock reset catalog” there and press ” Enter” after that. It will change the IP address.

err_name_not_resolved           4. Restart your computer afterward and see the changes.

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Method- 2

The second fix is clearing the cookies of the browser if the previous fix doesn’t solve your problem and by clearing the cookies I mean about the corrupted cookies, we talk about in the causes of this error. And the following is the steps, you can follow to save yourself from these kinds of errors.

  1. Open your Browser and go to the settings of the browser by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top-right corner of the browser window.
  2. Scroll down until you see an option of “Show advanced options“. Click on it and a new page will open.                                                                                      err_not_resolved_in_chrome
  3. Now choose “Clear Browsing Data” and choose the options of “Cookies and other sites data”.                                                                                                      Clear browsing data
  4. Click on the “beginning of the time” option on your desktop window.
  5. Now, restart the browser and see if it made any change.

Method- 3

If the previous two methods are not making any changes to your problem and you want definite results. Then, the next method will solve your problem for sure. In the next method, we are trying to change the DNS server address to the Google DNS server address.

  1. Open your “Networking and Sharing Center” of your computer. The simple way to do by opening it from “Control Panel”.
  2. Click on that network currently which are you using and click on the “Properties” of that network.                                                                                                 err_name_not_resolved_in_chrome
  3. Double click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP4) in the next window.                                                                                                                               Err_name_not_resolved_in_chrome
  4. Enter the adjusted settings, as seen in the screenshots below.
  5. Click “ok” and the problem will be surely fixed.


The problem caused to you can be solved by the above solutions stated above and you can access any website you want. This error is caused by the above-stated causes and you can do the solutions for the other causes by simply disabling the settings which are causing the problem. These solutions work for me and I am sure this will work for you and still if it does not solve your problem, you can ask about that in the comments below and if any other method works for you, then you can tell about that in the comments below as well.

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