How to hide the taskbar in Windows 10

It’s been a long time that windows had allowed its users to customize their experience as their own way. Hiding the taskbar is no other than this. Windows has the feature of hiding the taskbar from the very time of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Now, most of the computer is been shipping with Windows 10. So are there any chances of this feature missing from them. Well, I say No!!

Because this feature is also been included with the latest version of Windows Operating system. Well, there are many ways you can do this. But is up to you which of them you will like to take. First, let me tell you all that we can hide the taskbar temporary and permanently. But Windows only allow doing this as a temporary basis. But there is a number of third-party choices to do it.

What is Taskbar Auto-Hiding?

So let’s start with the question arises in your mind “What is Taskbar auto-hiding?” Taskbar auto hiding means that the taskbar on the below side of our desktop will hide automatically when not in use. The purpose of the taskbar is to show the open applications all at a place. So if there are no open apps or there is inactivity in some of the applications for some time, the auto-hiding feature will become very handy. It will re-appear again if we take the cursor to the place where the taskbar should be.

The one way of doing this is a temporary solution and other is a permanent solution. First, we talk about a temporary solution.

Temporary Solution of Taskbar Auto-hiding:

This method will only work for the Windows 10 users, so if you are looking for the same for any other version of the operating system, then this might not be suitable for you, but you can try once for checking. Following are the steps we can follow in order to achieve what we want.

Step 1: Take your cursor on the taskbar and press right click on your mouse.

Step 2: A pop-up will open with some of the taskbar settings in a list form, navigate to end of the list and you will find the “Taskbar Settings” option. Click on it.Hide taskbar in windows 10

Step 3: Now you will be greeted with the taskbar settings in the form of many options. hide taskbar windows 10

Step 4: Now you will find the option of “Automatically Hide the Taskbar in tablet mode” and the other option will be “Automatically Hide the Taskbar in desktop mode”.Hide Windows 10 taskbarStep 5: Turn these settings on by the toggle given to the right side of each setting.

Step 6: Once done that you will be able to see the changes you have just did.

These settings will be temporary and you can undo them any time by repeating the above steps.

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Permanent Solution of Taskbar Auto-hiding:

The solution stated above is given by the first-party or we can say that Microsoft Corporation. But there is no permanent solution given by the company itself. But there are many third-party applications available on the web but the best third party solution will be an application named “Taskbar Hider”. It is the best application in the web world to do this task as efficiently and as easy as you want.

If you are one of them who does not want any interruption in your full-screen experience in either the desktop mode and the tablet mode. You can use the above-mentioned application by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1. First, download the application and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Now, open the application and you will be granted two options to assign the hotkeys for the task.

Step 3. Assign your desired hotkeys for the tasks and tick the option says “Load at the Windows Setup”.

Step 4. Once done you will see the changes which you have made recently.

So by following the above steps, you will do the desired task of yours to hide the taskbar permanently. This is the permanent method of doing so and by clicking on the “load at the Windows setup”, you will assign the application to start at the windows booting process, so that you have nothing to do again. And the taskbar will not appear again unless you use the assigned hotkey for the desired process.


So these are the two ways by which you can hide the taskbar in Windows 10. In the first method, we have read how to do that on a temporary basis. But in the second method in which we do it for the permanent basis. Please let me know in the comments if any of you still have any query about the above topic or any suggestion to improve my skills.

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