How to stop Chrome from using more Ram

In today’s world, we all are most familiar with a browser named Chrome and all the desktop user must have come to know that it uses a lot of memory and if we don’t have a lot of RAM, then we can’t even use ten tabs in Chrome as efficiently as possible. So, we must have come across a problem with Chrome browser, especially who have a laptop or PC with small RAM area. Therefore we find it difficult to use it. As we found it difficult to use a lot of tabs at one time.

What is the problem with Chrome?

The problem we are talking about here is the Ram problem and we have to find out first that ” Why does Chrome use too much Ram? “. The answer to that is “Every tab does not take up the same memory”. Every tab has its memory usage and if the tab opened takes more memory than the other opened in the first place, So the new tab takes different space in the total RAM. And the new tab takes a new process in the RAM and we don’t have more RAM available as we discussed earlier, the whole PC will slow down as the new processes take the whole RAM.

chrome using more ram

How to solve this Problem?

The main solution to that is to increase the RAM of our PCs. But this solution is not practical for most of the users just like me, as we can’t afford to buy more RAM after buying a new PC with less RAM. If you have an old PC you can buy a new laptop and can afford to upgrade the RAM instead of buying a new PC. And you can reduce the number of extensions used by you in Chrome. As they tend to use more RAM as the size of the extension and how the scripts in the extension work.   But the users like me can adopt this new solution as used by me as well. the solution is to use a new extension.

chrome use too much ram

But you may ask that I was the one who told you to reduce the number of extensions in the first place and Now, I am telling you to use an extension to solve this problem. How is that different. The difference is that the extension used in the solution stops the usage of other extensions and the tabs which are not in the active state. The name of this extension is THE GREAT SUSPENDER.

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How to install The Great Suspender

  • Download the extension from the official Chrome store.

the great suspender

  • The file size is very small, it will take a lot of space in memory. But it is updated at regular intervals if not every month.

install suspender

  • Once the file downloaded is ready to add in Chrome, Click on “Add Extension”.

great suspender

  • Now that the extension is added in Chrome, you will be greeted with a settings page for the extension.

great suspender

  • Customize the settings from your desired choices.

The Great Suspender Settings

The settings on the page will be customized with your choice. But if you find it difficult to understand that which settings are implying what meaning then I will elaborate every setting in simple for you.

  • Suspended Tabs: The simple meaning for this word will be the tabs will get closed after a set amount of time. The time can be varied from one minute to 3 days. My recommended settings will be 15 minutes.

Great suspender settings

  • Pinned Tabs: The pinned tabs will not be suspended after the set time by the Great Suspender.
  • Contain Unsaved From Inputs:  This setting saves you from losing the data by not suspending the sites which have your unsaved data.
  • Playing Audio: If you have site opened which is playing media then you might have to open it again after the set time by you because it will close the tab as of the settings done in suspended tabs.
  • Only auto-suspend if connected to the internet:  This setting will close the tab automatically if your PC has internet access.
  • Only auto-suspend if connected to battery: This setting will be for laptop users and if they are operating it on battery and doesn’t connect to the charger at the time of using it.
  • Automatically unsuspend tab when it is viewed:  It will not close the tab if you are constantly viewing the tab which is unused for a while.
  • Add the Great Suspender to Right Click Menu:  By this, the extension will be in the right-click context menu of your Chrome browser.
  • Theme: In this setting, the theme of the tabs can be changed to light and dark.
  • Screen-capturing:  By this, it will start to capture the screen when you any tab.
  • Whitelist: This will allow you to add more at one time in the list of suspended tabs.


The Great Suspender is proven very effective for myself and I am able to achieve the desired result which this extension has told in its description. You will be able to achieve a similar kinda result. If you also sense the same result, let me know in the comments or if you have any difficulty to use it also let me know. That’s all from my side on “how to do this” tutorial and you can suggest me make an article for your problem.

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