How to use Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage technology that started with innovation in a college dorm. The innovative technology grabbed the attention of the people, and it helped them grow from college idea to a company in a matter of months.

The company offers 2 GB free cloud storage data space to the new users. Currently, the offer is off, but it allows the users to increase 2 GB space to 5 GB by inviting a friend. Dropbox offers a premium cloud storage service for free, and it is one of the major reasons why it stands on the top.

Dropbox Features:

Why should you consider DB over Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive?

  1. These companies collect data, and they use the data in other products. Unfortunately, companies like Google & Microsoft collect the data and them invade your privacy. DB is a separate company that does not share the information of the users. In short, the collected database used to improve the product and nothing else.
  2. The service comes with 256-bit AES encryption security to keep the privacy invaders.
  3. The developers created cross-platform compatibilities such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and more.
  4. Automatic back-ups and you can access them offline.
  5. File sharing, storage, large file sharing, etc.
  6. The developers improved the syncing options on all apps.
  7. You can preview a document, image, file, and then download it to local storage.
  8. In case, if you want to share a file or image publicly or to someone special, then you can use the link sharing option. The sharing option can send it to a specific person such as email, chat, or text.
  9. Many sites, blogs, YouTube channels, and more share file links, and the Dropbox allows large file sharing option publicly.
  10. Fortunately, the company works a dedicated team to improve & add new features to all apps. Yes, the users can expect automatic updates from the official company.

Google Drive offers 15 GB free storage and OneDrive cost $2 for 50 GB & 5 GB on the free plan. However, if you are someone, who cares for privacy & security, then DB is an excellent option.

How To Use DropBox?

Fortunately, the company executives particularly focused on creating an easy environment for the beginners. The DB is extremely easy to use and by spending ten minutes, playing around with the options can help the users master the controls.

Allow us to show you how to use Dropbox.

Guess what?

Using Dropbox on Windows software or Windows Phone is the same. In short, you can install the DB program for Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS X. The environment, interface & options remain the same, so we are going to show you instructions on mobile platform app. The portable app is available on Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android phones.

Note: The interface & options remains the same on the desktop environment and mobile environment.

Step 1: Download the app from the official stores. In my case, Dropbox available on Microsoft store for Windows machines, Phones, and Tablets.

use dropbox

Step 2: The file size is less than 20 MB and it takes only a few seconds to download. The good part is that it doesn’t run in the background constantly consuming battery.

use dropbox

Step 3: Launch the installed app and sign up for a new account using a valid email or sign in.

use dropbox

Step 4: A couple of sample files available for you to play around.

use dropbox

Step 5: Tap on the + button to open options, and tap on “upload files.” You have other options as well such as create a new folder, take a picture from the app itself, and more.

use dropbox

Step 6: Now, browse the location and the options may vary from the operating system.

Use Dropbox

Step 7: Now, tap to select the document or photos to upload and tap on the correct mark at the bottom.

use dropbox

Step 8: The file uploads in the app.

how to use dropbox

Step 9: In a few seconds, the file or document uploads depending on your broadband speed.

how to use dropbox

Dropbox options & environment is the same on all platforms, so don’t worry about the interface & navigation.

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Add Passcode to Dropbox App

The company added extra layer security by offering passcode, fingerprint (Touch ID), and face scanner options. Remember, your phone must support physical features or else passcode options are available.

Step 1: Tap on “three-dash setting” and you can view more options. Now, tap on gear icon beside the Dropbox transparent icon.

Use dropbox

Step 2: The setting shows up on your screen with more options. Tap on “security” to view more options.

use dropbox

Step 3: My Windows Phone support only passcode, so it offers “Passcode Lock” option only.

use dropbox

In case, if your device supports Touch ID or fingerprint scanner or IRIS scanner, then the options appear in the security section.

How To Upload Files From Phone to Dropbox?

We have situations, where we want to upload a file from phone to Dropbox app without opening it. We might have unwanted guest around us and watching our actions, and the users don’t want to reveal the DB content. Allow us to show you how you can upload files directly from the phone without opening it.

Step 1: Browse & locate the file to upload and long press to view more options. Tap on “share” and the option available on all devices such as Android and iOS.

use dropbox

Step 2: Now, the operating system offers platforms and tap to select Dropbox.

use dropbox

Step 3: You have the option to create a folder or save, and “save” to upload the file to the cloud storage.

how to use dropbox

Step 4: To confirm, you can check the file inside Dropbox as well. Because I have noticed that it is not working on some devices.

Step 5: You can even view the document from the DB as well.

Interestingly, the application interface takes only a few minutes to master. All credits go to the developing team and planning team for creating an easy interface.


Dropbox is an excellent tool for Windows, iOS, Android, and desktop environment. I am using DB for a very long time and it has not disappointed me at all. Let us know what do you think about freemium cloud storage in the comment section below.

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