Mobile Network not available in Android {Fix}

Most of us are familiar that we need a signal to convey our message through telecommunication. And that signal is responsible for the message conveyance. Some of the times the signal is not present there to convey our message and things got more messed up as we desperately in a need to make a call to someone and mobile shows us that “Mobile Signal not available”. And trust me that thing is really frustrating as it seems like.

Cause of Mobile Signal Not Available

The main reason for that there is a lack of network reception in your area, which will cause to lack of signal quality and loss of signal as well. Before performing any of the methods given below do these first check the phone is not on Airplane mode

  • Open the setting of your phone.
  • Navigate to Airplane Mode Settings and Check it is on or not.
  • If “yes” and turn it off.

Fix the “Mobile Network Not Available”

If the phone is not in Airplane mode, then you can perform the following methods.

Method 1:

  • Open the settings app on your device.

mobile signal not available

  • Navigate to “Sim Card and Mobile Networks”  and tap on it.

Mobile signal weak

  • Tap on that Sim card in which signal is not there.

Fix mobile signal

  • Now open “Network Operators” and choose select “automatically choose network”.

Mobile signal fix in android

Method 2:

If your device is outdated or old, then it might be possible that the battery of that device is causing network problem, because the network  signals are powered by the phone’s battery and if there is no juice left for that network signal reception, then it would be easy to just change the battery with a new one and it might solve the issue.  If you still have that problem, check out the next method and it might help you.

Method 3:

If the above methods didn’t work out well, then this method may solve the issue.    The mobile network is due to hardware used in the device, but it is not clearly dependent on the hardware only. It is up to the software used to access them. So before doing anything else Just update the device to the latest firmware.

  • Go to settings and open “About Phone”.

mobile signal fix in android

  • Check there for “System Updates” and click on that.

Fix mobile signal

  • If there is an update available, do it and reboot the device.

Method 4:

One of the best methods to resolve this issue is to wipe the whole device or in simple words “Factory Reset” on your device. It will prove efficient to restore the device to its factory refresh state so that the mobile signal issue is resolved. But do note that there is a back-up made of the system before doing this. After back-up is done you can easily restore to the previous state after the “factory reset”.

  • Open Settings and Navigate to “Additional Settings” and “Backup & Reset”.

Mobile signal fix

  • Click on it and there will be an option of “Factory Data Reset”.Click on it.

Fix mobile signal

  • That’s it, Your device is reset to the factory refresh state.

You can later restore the backup of the system.

Method 5:

If the radio signal from your device is not broadcasted to the receiver then it might result in the cause of the loss of signals. Most of us know that the mobile signal is nothing more than a radio signal which is transmitted from one place to the other to convey our message, but if there is a loss of radio signal broadcasting, then it might be solved from the following steps.

  • Open your Dialer app and dial (*#*#4636#*#*).

Fix mobile signal

  • You will now be greeted with the hardware information of the device.

  • Choose the phone information.
  • Run ping test and change to any signal which is working for you from the drop-down menu.

Mobile signal is fixed

  • You will see a Radio Signal there and turn it off.

    Mobile signal fix

Restart the device and it might solve the issue.


So these are the possible methods that might resolve the issue of “Mobile Signal not available”. These methods might not work for some of the users and I recommend you try all of them once and then see that your issue is resolved or not. Even then there is a problem then let me know in the commnets down below and if you have any suggestion for any of the method then also let me know.


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