How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

If you are new as an iPhone user and want to transfer your photos from a PC and you don’t know about anything “How to do it”. This article will help you by telling that there are many methods by which you can do this. Photos transfer process to an iPhone is not that simple as it is in the Android side of devices unless you have a MacBook and the same iTunes account is running on both devices. But in this article, we are also including the cases in which the user does not have a MacBook or any Mac device.

When you buy an iPhone, the first thing which came into everyone’s mind that they will take all kind of photographs with this,but after some time in the future, those photos start taking up a lot of space and you left no choice to delete them or to back them up on the computer and some of you don’t know how to transfer those back to the iPhone . But not after reading this article and you will be able to transfer and save your precious memory which you get through those photographs.

How to transfer photos from PC to an iPhone

There are several methods of doing this, one is to transfer photos from the iPhone to PC without using iTunes account and the other is to transfer photos from the PC back to the iPhones. You don’t need anything but just the lightning cable for your iPhone and do the following steps mentioned down below.

Method 1:  Transfer photos using iTunes Account

This method requires the iTunes account same as the one which is logged into your iPhone at that moment. And you will need a Mac device to do this and the following steps will help you to do so.

1. Turn on the iTunes settings on the iPhone

For this, you just have to turn off the settings iCloud photo library unless it will not be possible for the iPhone to back up the photos to the cloud and you can do this by simply going to “Settings” > “iCloud” and then find “Photos” > turn off “iCloud Photo Library” there and that’s it for this step.

2. Turn on the Sync on the Mac device of your choice

In this step, you have to turn on the sync settings on the Mac device or the device where the iTunes account is logged in on a working PC. For doing this, you just have to turn the sync settings there in the iTunes section of the PC.

3. Transfer the photos to the iPhone

After doing the above two mentioned steps, this is the step where you will transfer the photos from the PC. You just need to connect the iPhone to the PC where you turned on the iTunes Sync on in the previous step. For doing this, you just need the lightning cable of your iPhone and connect the iPhone with the cable and then to the PC. After this, the go-to iTunes icon on the PC and start selecting the photos or folders of your choices, then click “apply” and be patient because it will take some time. After the process is completed, your photos will be transferred but the main thing which we have to keep into the mind that this method will erase the previous photos on that iPhone, so to make sure that you have the back up of that photos.

Method 2: Transfer photos without using iTunes account

In this method, you just need an application named FonePaw iOS transfer. It is the application that will help to transfer photos from the PC to an iPhone. And before further going just click on the link and download the application on your PC and you can use Windows PC as well.

1. Install the FonePaw iOS transfer application

In this step, the first and foremost thing that is required is the application needs to be installed on the PC you are working for this thing. First, download the application from the given link and click on it and follow the instruction given to you on the installation wizard and the application after installing will look like this but you have to connect the iPhone, as it is not connected in my case.

transfer photos from pc to iphone

2. Transfer the photos the iPhone

The next step will be the same as the heading is saying i.e transfer the photos to the iPhone. For all this, all you have to do is to click on the “add” button and then select the photos and then click on “sync” that will transfer the photos to the iPhone which is connected. It will take some time so be patient and after that, you are all done with this method.


This article is about “How you can transfer photos from PC to iPhone” but you can reverse the methods to do the vice versa. And if you like that I will write the article about that as well, just tell me in the comments and also tell me that how this article proved helpful and if you have suggestion or enhancement in your mind regarding this article, do let me know in the comments down below.

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